Friday, 2 September 2005

moment of moralizing re katrina

the issue isn't the gasoline jump right now, it's not the inability of the masses to understand power politics, it's the fact that thousands if not tens of thousands of poor and middle class children don't have houses or food in louisiana

this isn't an act of god, unless god's 'a kid with an ant farm' this is an entirely predictable result of ignoring globabl warming - but that's also not the most immediate issue. the most immediate issue is that people need places to stay and potable water

sure, we can all point apocalyptic fingers at each other's beliefs (it's cause of gaza, or it's good this happened because it illustrates the oil dependency, or it's all because katrina was named after a fetus) but these are all window dressings on the real issue, which is that people need places to stay and edible food

turning this into a political debate is the easiest way to avoid reality - the problem isn't the masses, it's the illusions that've dazzled thier eyeballs... we don't need to reduce the earth's population to 500,000,000 million people and should not applaud mass death - there's only now, only this moment - those who're using this devestation as an object lesson in thier cosmography are trapped in a timeless place that isn't now.
(from wikipedia | political effects of Katrina) Questions have been raised about the funding cuts to upgrade the levees during the President Bush's first term in office even though the Army Corps of Engineers claim that where the breeches are were not slated for repair. Much of these cuts are directly related to the tax cuts and the War in Iraq, which were the central policy initiatives of the administration. Calls for President Bush's Impeachment began almost immediately as he appeared to stumble in the early days of the crisis, much as was seen following the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

Another major criticism is that the mandatory evacuation called on August 28 made no provisions to evacute homeless or low-income and carless households, as well as large numbers of elderly and the infirm. In 2000, a census revealed that 27% of New Orleans households were without any means of privately-owned transportation.

There are also major concerns about the Government suspending search and rescue efforts to focus on protecting businesses from looting.

be here now - & right now there's some fucked up shit going on. figuring out what god to blame is a luxury for a later date

lets hope red cross works properly with their donations this disaster.

ways to help...
michele banger - the city lies dreaming
Operation Post Modern Shamanism

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