Monday, 19 September 2005

Nine Inch Nails (NIИ) etymology

is there something deeper in the symbol for nine inch nails?

I've spent a long time pondering why NIИ is such an effective logo, and I think the answer may lie in the ziegarnick effect.

Nine inch nails initials are NIИ, which are also the first three letters of nine inch nails. So the missing letter is summoned spontaneously to the conscious mind - the initials, the logos, are actually an incomplete fragment of the first word. Even more important, the logo itself is designed to pull in the eye (or the I) and hold it

I have a theory that this logo may be part of the reason why nine inch nails has had such commercial success - there are musicians out there who should have become famous - who have had better sound, or were better vocalists, and admittedly a certain percentage of NIИ audio is remixed by heavy-hitters in the music world, but is released under the NIИ brand, and that could be done by any musical group - it just grows the brand. the real reason NIИ seems so powerful as a group then is because of the logo and it's effect on consciousness

so in other words, trent reznor got where he is by being a composer, not only of music, but of neurolinguistic triggers.

or so I'm going to assume at the moment.


Also, in this new album there's another clue.

Above the head of the hierophant there are nine nails.

Also look at the finger positions in both pictures, and check out the comments on this entry

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