Sunday, 4 September 2005

Philosophy of the Human Union

I hold the following to be true:
Human Beings belong to a global system of life.

Each organism reaches an equillibrium with the system. This equillibrium creates a niche.

Human Beings have shown that our enviornmental niche, our place in the Universe, is as kings of the Earth.

To sustain our niche is to sustain ourselves and our children. We must sustain together, or we will perish.

Sometimes the most obvious is the least recognized.

At first my attempt was to flush out the meaning of the Human Union from individuals and groups by leading them on a Socratic easter egg hunt through the path of most resitence until they realized the Truth (capital T, of course). However it Dawned on me that the Human Union is entirely self explanatory
We are complicating beings - when something makes too much sense, we usually look for the hidden layers, and when there is no result, we move on, ignoring the initial observations. We're all human. we should all recognize we're all human, and act accordingly

this is why conspiracy theories are so dangerous - because they are fundamentally devisive. especially when you add to it the elitist ideologies of messianic bloodlines (or reptillian or nephilim bloodlines)

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