Thursday, 8 September 2005

Taylor Ellwood - Author

Fellow Key23 contributor Taylor Ellwood has a number of interesting looking books out now & you can order them from amazon.

Pop Culture Magick: " How to create pop culture god forms and entities " How to invoke yourself into a godform " How to create practical techniques based off of TV shows, comics, and other forms of pop culture media " How to charge your sigils by playing video games " How to create your own system of magick based off of fantasy books, TV shows, or any other form of pop culture media.

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Creating Magickal Entities : A Complete Guide to Entity Creation (Paperback)
by David Michael Cunningham, Taylor Ellwood, T. Amanda R. Wagener Creating Magickal Entities is a comprehensive reference manual that presents step-by-step instructions for creating entities through astral manipulation that will change your life. This manual, written by three practicing occultists, reveals magickal and alchemical methods, many which have been lost and suppressed through the ages, in a refreshingly modern way that magickal practitioners of any tradition can understand.

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and most recently:
Space/Time Magic: When we use terms such as past and future we are already trying to organize a frame of reference that prioritizes when certain events occur, and as such we limit our frame of reference to a single moment. My argument is that the present exists in every moment of time and consequently you or I, or anyone else exists in the present, in every moment of time that we've existed in. In other words, the you of two years ago is still you that is in the present and that version of you can be accessed and experienced in its own present, by yourself. I often think that deja vu is a manifestation of this principle in that one version of yourself sends information to another version at another point in the present, where it can be used to deal with that particular present and enable a desired manifestation. Another approach I use, which is also favored by Brain Shaughnessy, is memory modification. The memories that we have our suspect, and as such, can easily be modified. I use my memories as a gateway to an earlier version of myself and then work through those memories to change my "past."

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(& while I'm at it - Generation Hex)

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