Monday, 12 September 2005

ternary computers

wikipedia: Setun was a ternary computer developed in 1958 in Russia. It was one of the first practical ternary computers, using three-valued ternary logic instead of two-valued binary logic prevalent in computers before and after Setun's conception.

you are a ternary computer deciding which reality to exist in

me too

lsd shows you both sides/lsd is the blood of satan on paper/lsd is hyperspace exposed

this guy is on to something (notice I did not say on something)

NSFW link... who's the most famous porn star in the world right now? (google says briana banks)

OS 0 1 2:
KEY: To understand the nature of ideas themselves we only have to understand three very simple things.

We have to know the difference between what we say is a [true] idea, a [false] idea, and an idea that is [both] true & false. [True/False] = Mystery
(philosophical product of

HEAR? (doomsday vs bloomsday)

there's more connections think: not the brain, but the liver

did russia stop making trinary computers or did they make them secret? puzzling evidence

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