Friday, 9 September 2005

Write Fuck on the Wall - Robin Banks & Pablo Goldstien (now more than ever)

sing along lyrics:

It's all screwed up out there man but you don't need me to tell you that
you already know
you can see it for yourself
even the weather's gone crazy
an ill wind blows
the policeman's got a license now buddy he can shoot you on sight
some sniv'lin politician playin' savior to the christians
got us so wound up we can't sleep at night

rich kids they drive around drunk in their daddy's mercedes benz
then they try to tell me that the means
somehow justify the ends
and that's bullshit
god damn it man
aw to hell with it all
I just want to get stoned
write fuck on the wall

you can spend four years and a fortune even get a degree and so what?
ain't gonna be no jobs
my best friends girlfriend went to mexico to keep working
and dig this man, she builds Fords
well she's gone now and you know what that means
I'll have to do myself tonight
wash my own dirties even roll my own doobies
it's all good
it just don't feel right

and I got voices in my head
won't let me think and the bitch
ate me out of house and home, drank every drop there was left
in the house to drink and I just hate that shit
god damn it man
aw to hell with it all
I just want to get stoned
write fuck on the wall

whenever my old man would work he'd head straight for the bar
come home and beat the crap out of me
he told me
you ungrateful little punk
i'm trying to toughen you up
for the chinese and armeggedon and World War 3
and I said yeah man but even the king
can be brought down by a girl
and then the pretender can step in and steal the crown
try to take over the world
and bomb third world countries back into the stone age
we got mass murder in our schools
you think we're so evolved man
check out the front page
we barely crawled out of the primordial ooze
the whole goddamned world's gone crazy
lost our collective minds one and all
since we're already screwed man
let's get stoned
write fuck on the wall

right fuck on the wall man!

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