Tuesday, 25 October 2005

The Austin Chronicle Article / Alex Jones

One: he is not simply interested in doing his show. He is interested in promoting his website and encouraging people to buy his "crockumentaries". Two: he does NOT want to be left alone. He craves any and all attention and will use any attention to draw more people to his website (again, see: "Buy my Crockumentary!"). Three: Jones' saying that he's not part of any rivalry is just plain laughable, silly and frankly... it's disturbing....
Please, take the time to read
the article
and Louis Black's Page Two editorial.

Well, he's not as bad as Texe Marrs

He's one of the pieces of the propaganda matrix that's destablizing the administration's political base. His documentaries are definately high-camp, but his radio show tends to be tedious and overburdened with (the most bizarre) commercials. I really enjoyed the Order of Death, his latest expose on the Bohemian Grove, because he stumbled right into a group of pagans and witches waging magickal warfare, And his reaction was precisely what you'd expect from a extreme right-wing christian - kinda like what the fuck are these people doing? These guys are as bad as the grovers!

if he was really against the bohemian grove, you'd think he'd be supportive of the magickal activists, rather than labeling them satanists.

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