Monday, 24 October 2005

Called to account

These pirates fly the flag of the Skull and Bones club of Yale, whose members occupy many key positions. They have no morals, but hide behind a pseudo Christian piety, much as Hitler did. This hypocritical religiosity is bolstered by a string of false prophets, preachers like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Tim LaHaye, who stand the Bible on its head, presenting God as a hateful, vengeful being who plots the destruction of humanity. Meanwhile, they are lining their own pockets. Whom do they serve? God or the devil?

They are about to be called to account for their evil plots. The Valerie Plame case is a tangled web indeed, but certain things stand out. 1) The pirates were proclaiming a war on terror, while destroying a key CIA network that was tracking terrorists- Valerie Plame's international network of intelligence agents. This is treason. 2) Cheney was one of the plotters, Bush knew about it pretty quickly and did nothing, which is obstruction of justice.

In other words, the president and vice president of the US are both traitors.

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