Friday, 7 October 2005


In the year 2005, an alien device of extraordinary proportions and seemingly unlimited power, rippled its way into the minds of a few intrepid dreamers. Invisible to the naked eye, beyond all detection by telescope, microscope, sonar, radar, camera, infra-red, ultra-violet and x-ray, this space-time machine entered our minds. Those who felt its presence reported feeling the image of a whirling black vortex in the moments before it appeared. A living octahedron or perhaps a tesseract within a tesseract, no one yet knows how to describe this wonder. First impressions suggested something not unlike a spider with legs folded up against its body.

Okay, this is astral magick as applied to forum design. It might just be the slickest approach to group astral magick on the net. It's certainly the best I've run across.

Here's The Layout

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