Tuesday, 18 October 2005

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This page does not exist

(An example of a rather sledgehammer attempt at describing Fnord. The paradox of a page saying it doesn't exist where it must obviously exist in order to state it does not. Therefore, it is less a paradox and simply a lie. Fnord.)

Stop reading this

Goddammit, I said STOP

OK I am going to have to EAT you now
I Can See the fnords!
by Binky
Everyday the people are bombarded with thousands of fnords - in newspapers, newscasts, television shows, radio programs, lectures, texbooks, novels, etc. Therefore, as the fnords are creating unease at every turn, a lack of fnords causes great relief - much like taking off a heavy pack after hiking all day. The folks at Madison Avenue realize this all too well, and use it to their benefit. By including absolutely no fnords in their advertisements they create a sense of well being that always occurs, quite inexplicably, whenever their product is advertised. After a while poeple begin to associate well being with that product subconsciously. Then, next time they are shopping, their subconscious urges them to buy that which relieves the unease, and they buy the advertised product.

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