Tuesday, 25 October 2005

The Invisibles V.1, #10 notations

okay this caught my eye:

LSD has a resonant frequency of 11,000 cps (cycles per second) and when the brain is exposed to that frequency hallucinations and other bizarre phenomena are reported. The experiencer has a psychedelic trip from the chemical frequency, without requiring the actual chemical.

so... here's the apparent source:

LSD vibrates at about 11,000 cps. A tone was obtained from this vibrating molecule, and a large poster of its molecular structure was made. By focusing on the chemical formula on the poster and playing the sound harmonic/tone of the LSD molecule, a fabulous psychedelic trance was experienced by eight volunteers, men and women. No side effects, unpleasant emotions or after effects were experienced. The subjects remained in the Theta brainwave through the entire three hour experience. Many OOBE, time travel, and "clairsenses" experiences were reported and monitored.

The experiment was repeated at other times with close controls, and similar experiences were reported. The information from these experiments was truly, truly amazing, fabulous, fantastic -- to put it mildly. The psychokinetic and telekinetic feats were, I think, unparalleled in the history of parapsychological research. A new biochemistry and pharmacology can emerge from this study. I have passed this information to our Russian colleagues for future study, for it is their specialty -- paraphysics and biological radio. Ironically, the CIA and KGB are familiar with two alkaloid substances known as telepathine and astraline. The former is in the chemistry handbook, the latter is new. Interesting names! Thank you my friends.

Taking that into account, last night I played 11,000 HZ sine wave for as long as I could stand it. (It's really fucking annoying, and Gargy looked at me like I was torturing her deliberately)

no tracers, but I was pretty tranced out.

I'd like to expirement with this more... can anyone recommend a good 11,000 cycles per second generator? I'm going to play around with this one for now...

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