Friday, 21 October 2005

Philip K Nixon - CutLure

Because. Be a cause.

Have you noticed how crazy conspiracy theories don't seem so crazy anymore? Is it Philip K Nixon, re-structuring culture to undermine the NWO? For the last two days I've been furiously working on audio snippets - combining and recombining from several weeks of occasional compiling... I don't think it's music.

I think it's a metalinguistic artefact (wait, music is a metalinguistic artefact. okay, it's like music.)

for the record (well, for the tracks) a lot of my sources come from these trackers..

this project is the natural organic outgrowth of encountering audio media... remixing and sending this stuff back out into the net is a form of sorcery. being noticed and downloaded is flattering, but honestly I'm doing this to gum up the whole superstructure, not to be popularized... I'm doing this because I can't not do this.

& it seems to be working. or I'm schitzoaffective obsessional compulsive. (or both, or neither)

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