Sunday, 30 October 2005

Sunday lunch with... A witch

I'd like to consider myself hip enough to be unfazed by the fact that FireFox's new book is titled Sexy Witch (paperback, 314 pages, $14.95) and offers advice on incorporating sex-positive "magickal rituals," like drawing pictures of your vulva, into your daily life. And I'm certainly cool enough not to expect her to be wearing a pointy black hat or anything like that.

But I guess I was hoping for an impressively goth-style outfit, with maybe a black leather bustier or something, and definitely some borderline-scary makeup. Possibly a black manicure or something along those lines.

Wife, mom, anarchist

Instead, FireFox looks exactly like the fresh-scrubbed Northern California mom she actually is. Her fair skin is clear and bright; her tattoos barely peak out from underneath her sleeves. She is polite and sweet and happy to meet me, which is really a bit jarring, since reading her book has me feeling sort of crusty and conservative. I'm so ready to dislike her.

But FireFox, 34, is extremely difficult to dislike. And, as she chirpily tells me about her early life as the child of hippies, her cheerful, casual tone implies that life now is way more "normal."

what people blurbed about the book:

A 21st Century toolkit for today's warrior witch! LaSara Firefox's Sexy Witch initiates readers into the multi-faceted mysteries of magick, mind and ritual. From the sacred to the profane, from the spiritual to the physical, a must-read for all modern witchy women. -Richard Metzger, The Disinformation Company Ltd.

This witty and smart, well-researched gem of a book has the power to transform the feminist movement at the radical roots - womens bodies and their sexuality. any woman who wants to understand, enhance, reclaim or heal her sexuality, this book is a must. to liberate your sisters as well as the men and women who love them. -Anodea Judith, Ph.D., author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind.

There is nothing 'sexy' in this book. This book should not even have the word "Witch" in its title. This book is more about alternative sexual practices than anything to do with the Craft. We are talking alternative with a capital "A". Write love songs and love poetry to your vagina, dye your pubes, taste your vaginal secretions, play with your menstrual blood and do it all using the most foul names that you can think of to call your vagina. This is just a few of the 'lovely' rituals and exercises listed in this book.
- Rhianna Moonmyst, (Ohio)

A radical and subversive text for transformation and empowerment. The practices in this book have the potential for deep healing and complete awakening. A must read for all who wish to change the world. -Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx

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