Monday, 7 November 2005

Enochian Chess

The Illuminati know how to manifest reality....shouldn't you? Thusly, I present you kids with enochian chess, a magick variant of the classical chess formula possibly stemming from rosicrucians, more likely stemming from the golden dawn, but possibly even older than the two societies....certainly enochian chess first probably received public attention in Regardie's last chapter of the Golden Dawn which is based on the Enochian system, a language scryed by John Dee's (rosicrucian, alchemist, royal astrologer to elizabeth) assisttant, Edward Kelly (whom Crowley at one point claimed to be the reincarnation of...although I believe he might have also claimed to have been John and they of course felt this language was not only presented to them by extra dimensional beings which Kelley acted as a channel for but was, of course, also the language of the angels themselves, contained in the enochian system is a methodology for contacting various hierarchies of intelligence outside this plane (aliens, anyone?) some of whom act as higher level planetary intelligence, as well as elemental intelligence, and so forth....Enochian is like a different assemblage point (to steal the term from carlos castenada) for understanding western hermeticism, anyways, Enochian chess is a complex system of overlaid magickal correspondences, Each peice is an egyptian god form taken from the egyptian tarot, there are four players, each representing a different elemental quadrant of the board, each square of the board has correspondences to astrology/planetary theosophy, geomancy, the enochian language, the hebrew language and thusly can be corresponded to any other system through's essentially a complex divination system in which one of the four players is asking a question, the result of the question is determined by the outcome of the game....Air and Fir play together, Earth and Water play Together, if one team dies but it's ally still goes on to victory the question is still answered in the wins by landing their king on tha square with the godform Ptah, choosen prior to the game, the square representing an intutive metaphorical link to the goal of the questioneer...Enochian chess, unlike other forms of divination, is active, not passive and fatalistic like astrology or the tarot, as you actually move the elements, control the outcome, etc....Enochian Chess is terribly fun esotericism at it's prime, my friends...Burn or mount .iso with Alcohol 120% or Nero Burning rom and place .dll in your windows/system32 folder

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