Sunday, 13 November 2005

George W Bush is the AntiChrist

What people are saying about the site:

i hate your website, it fuckin sux. and President Bush isn't anti Christ , YOU ARE!!! If you don't like the President just shut your fuckin mouth live him alone. Hansini

seriously dude ur the biggest loser on the planet. ur a treasonists ur an unamerican son of a bitch and u dont deserve your citizenship here if u are going to write slanderish things against the president whom leads ur nation like him or not u dont devote a site calling him satan u should be friggin arrested for this crap u are a horrible horrible person and this site is just a mockery of the stupidity of you and your idiot followers morons grow up. Kevin

How do you explain him being christian and going to church and defending christian values Fag do some research before you make tard claims you need to get a life you fucking fag only a pussy would do so much research and totally fuck up everything). pussy. - John

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