Thursday, 24 November 2005

kill ugly radio: Happy Thanksgiving

chardman releases a very special Kill Ugly Radio podcast:
William S. Burroughs - Thanksgiving Prayer, Noam Chomsky, Negativland, The Fugs, Laibach, and more!
Not quite the mix of angry political stuff and comedy that I've been putting together for the last few years and stuffing in the same Crass-like CD sleeve, complete with Gee Vaucher inspired artwork and distributing to like-minded partisans. I'm sick of Dubya jokes, and now that he's a lame bird, he defies all attempts at parody. Not that he doesn't make the appearance. Like an uncle that you wish wouldn't stop by for Thanksgiving supper, yet does- he's here. But don't worry, part two is more upbeat- just in time for when the tryptophane kicks in, so does the music.


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