Wednesday, 16 November 2005

R. Bucky Fuller : Everything I Know

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We now know of human beings being on our planet for probably 3 1/2 million years, with, as far as we can see, not much physiological change, pretty much the same skeleton, and from what we can learn of human beings in their earliest recorded communicating, in an important degree, people in India 5000 years ago, and in China 5000 years ago, were thinking very extraordinarily well in the terms of anything we know about our experience, the way we've been able to resolve experiences into the discovery of principles that seem to be operative in our Universe.

I'm astonished at how well the early Hindu and Chinese thinker, how well he was able to process his information, in view of the very limited amount of information humanity had as of that time in comparison to anything we have today.

Just making a little jump in information, as we, as humanity on board of our planet, entered into what it called World War I, the scientists around the world have ways of reporting to one another officially and chemists have what they call Chemical Abstracts. Chemical Abstracts are methodical publications of anything and everything any chemist finds that he publishes information regarding, it becomes a Chemical Abstract. As the world entered World War I, what was called the twentieth century it's a very arbitrary kind of accounting matter, we had some hundred I think we had (I'm doing this off the top of my head from memory) about 175,000 known substances, approximately almost a quarter of a million substances by the time the United States came into the war, known to chemistry.

We came out of World War I with almost a million substances known. By the time we ended World War II, we were well up into 10 million, and we've come out of it now where the figures really are getting to be astronomical. We can't really keep track of the rate at which we are discovering more differentiable substances chemically distinct from one another. Those are typical of the information really is a bursting, bursting rate. I'm speaking in relationship to my own life, one life in the extraordinary numbers of lives there must have been on board of our planet. The information is multiplying at that rate during just one lifetime indicates that something is going on here right now that is utterly unprecedented, and we're in such indication of acceleration of experiences of human beings, the integration of the accelerated, the experienced, to produce awarenesses that are indicative of Humanity going through some very, very important kind of transition into some kind of new relationship to Universe, I'd say, the kind of acceleration that would occur after the child has been formed in the womb, taking the nine months, and suddenly begins to issue from the womb out into an entirely new world.
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