Friday, 11 November 2005

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Looking back at Watergate, one would notice that the vast majority of individuals who went to jail, went to jail for committing one particular crime: violating one’s oath of office. If one works in the executive branch of the government, one must take an oath pledging that one will not use one’s position of power as a member of the executive branch to advance one’s own personal agenda, nor profit from it, at the expense of the public’s welfare. Simply put, you can’t use your power for personal gain or profit, especially not at the expense of the public. This basically is to emphasize and guarantee that one is a “public servant.”
I believe that Mr. Fitzgerald is going after the entire Bush administration for violating that oath. They violated it by conspiring to hide information from the public about Iraq that the administration knew would hurt their case for going to war. He will build a case that proves that the Bush administration knew that the information they were feeding the America people was false, and not only continued to propagate it, but also conspired to personally destroy any one who attempted to call them on it. That is a clear violation of that oath. They were no longer acting in the interests of the public, but in their own interests. Just as it is illegal to promote a bill that you know only helps you, this is also illegal. And this goes far beyond promoting a bill or a plan that you know won’t work, as this was about sending American citizens into harms way, knowing that the justification you were giving to them for doing so was false.
The seriousness of this charge, knowingly mis-leading a country into war, and conspiring to silence any and all critics, leads me to believe that not only Karl Rove and “Scooter” Libby will be indicted, but Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Judy Miller, and Vice-President Dick Chaney will be well. President Bush will be named as an un-indictable co-conspirator, but only because it is illegal to indict a sitting President. I have included Judy Miller because it is obvious that she was involved in “spinning” the war in her now de-bunked, highly partisan, New York Times articles, and because she clearly was not truthful in her grand jury testimony.
I know that this sounds far fetched but it certainly is possible. I may be wrong about the actual law being sited, but I am fairly certain that Mr. Fitzgerald will indict on a vast more serious and larger crime than is being reported. We will all see how wrong I am when his indictments come down later this month.

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