Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Prick Magazine - Skinny Puppy

with Ogre being covered in costumes and gore during Skinny Puppy performances, it's hard for most people to ever see his tattoos. And while his ink reflects events from his past, the creature you see onstage in the new DVD is more about what's currently going in his mind about the future of a world where war never ceases and casualties become a footnote to gossip and cover-ups.the article

"I'm starting to think of myself in terms of working between the mindset of a soldier being used in a war for money and oil and resources and being given the ideology of it being a religious conflict or clash of beliefs or a fight against terrorism and being so convinced of that that one becomes enraged with power," he says of the character he portrays onstage. "At the same time, I have a certain amount of sympathy for that character, it becomes a monstrous kind of character for me. At the end there's almost the idea of this person being dragged into a conflict that's much bigger than they ever thought.

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ps: thanks for the link, emberfairy. & for what it's worth, this is my review of The Greater Wrong of the Right Live

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