Tuesday, 28 July 2009

bookkeeping.. the novella, and clients

it's not a matter of a lack of free time, although that is indeed a big part of why I'm re-evaluating and minimizing the blogging that I've been doing.

the truth is I've never tied off this or any other site in a conscious way - everything is fragmented, isolated, and scattered. The back end of my online presence is schizophrenic - spread across several servers and domain hosting providers some of which I no longer can access directly. There are numerous third-party sites which host content I rely on in other areas, and the whole damn structure feels cobbled together out of duct tape and bailing wire..

seriously, you should see the back-end on my online presence - it doesn't even make sense to me. Layers and layers of content tracking back to before you were even on the internet make up the footprint of data I've enabled, uploaded, or otherwise touched over the last fifteen years. This is a way for me to say, if there's a broken link or a bit of bit-rot accruing now about my online presence, so be it.

No longer do I have time to fine-tune and update my numerous spaces online - this novella has me fully engaged now, as does my client base, and I am more concerned with following through on my own projects now than to ferret out works of others to highlight through reviews or interviews. Be back in a bit...

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