Sunday, 22 November 2009

Cymatics Om

Dr. Jenny Cymatics:
"Amongst his more amazing findings was the discovery that when AUM is sounded the shape produced is that of the ancient symbol for AUM (the Sri Yantra). This suggests that the ancients knew something! Perhaps when sounding in meditation, the vibration created the form in their minds. Hebrew, Sanskrit, Egyptian and Tibetan are generally considered to be sacred languages, that have the power of shaping reality. This suggests that by sounding sacred texts, by singing sacred vowels, our cells resonate into a more coherent shape, in which our energies are synchronised with those of God / Universe / Source."

cymatic-created sri yantra (top), compared to the traditional design (bottom)

Sri Yantra
The Stygian Port: The Divine Language:
"Barbara Hero has demonstrated a similar effect of harmonics using a laser and scanner system. Barbara placed a mirror under a speaker system which vibrated the mirror when two different frequencies were created. She then projected a laser at the mirror and the laser was reflected on to a screen, revealing the images created by the sounds. Barbara found that those intervals which were created by the harmonic series created shapes which were geometrically perfect. These shapes, such as a circle, remained stationary as long as the intervals were sounding. Intervals which were not harmonically related created shapes that were not geometrically perfect and their shapes decayed."

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