Wednesday, 5 May 2004

Entertainment News - The cruel and crazy world of Lars von Trier

In The Idiots, he told the story of a cult leader who obliged his followers to take part in orgies and wander around small towns pretending to have Down's syndrome - a situation that was mirrored, inevitably, in the production of the film.

In Dancer in the Dark, his Palme d'Or-winning musical, he subjected Bjork to such intense pressure that she went Awol from the shoot.

In Dogville, he cast Kidman as a young woman who takes refuge in a small Colorado town where, after having first been taken care of by the inhabitants, she is soon reduced to the condition of slavery.
you see any of "The Kingdom" you'll know why this guy's off-kilter. the assesment of bjork is interesting..
"You can take quite sexist film directors like Woody Allen or Stanley Kubrick and still they are the one that provide the soul to their movies. In Lars von Trier's case it is not so and he knows it. He needs a female to provide his work soul, and he envies them and hates them for it. So he has to destroy them during the filming, and hide the evidence."

his work is unflinching, and that's why it is so disturbing. the camera doesn't flinch, and the image remains, & trier's cold enough to let it occur.

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