Wednesday, 5 May 2004

Lygia Pape - R.I.P.

Pape's early works included two Neoconcrete ballets and her book/sculptures "The Book of Creation," and "The Book of Architecture. Her ballets set geometric dance forms to experimental music. Her books doubled as sculptures that could be manipulated by the viewer.

Over time, Pape, who was also a printmaker, explored a variety of styles.

Her 1968 work "The Egg" was formed by three enormous cubes and required the spectator to break through the sides as if they were hatching from an egg.

Another work, "Circle of Pleasures," invited the viewer to drink liquids from various colored bowls - some tasting pleasant and others horrible.

A recent installation, entitled "Carindiru," featured a waterfall of red liquid representing the blood of the 111 prisoners killed in a 1992 police massacre in the prison of the same name.

"Lygia Pape's work represents the permanent desire, often realized, of constant transformation," said Rio de Janeiro gallery owner Jean Borghici, who represented the artist.

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