Tuesday, 4 May 2004

Help Wanted

To those of you scratching your heads in confusion:

recently i mentioned i needed some help. being a chaos magician, and a self-reliant one at that, when i need help its usually for other people - anyway i need five people to destroy cds for me. i'll pay you. I'll send you the CD to burn, paper to start a fire, and I'll pay you.

Using vocal tracks from t. mckenna, j. matheny, hakim bey, r.a.wilson, w.s. burroughs, art bell, and sunfire in hawaii, along with d. cross, a. ginsberg, and c. bukowski, I created unlistenable noise sculpted from a very limited understanding of audacity 1.2 and an even shakier concept of copyright law. Furthermore, the subject matter and the harmonics produced by these mixes might unquiet the mind of any listener, and I'm definately not selling any copies. I'm asking for five people to volunteer their snail mail address (po box is all good) so I can send the CD to be destroyed, along with fuel for the fire.

this is your chance to help me destroy some not-art

(I will ship internationally, but it'll take forever)

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