Monday, 10 May 2004

overhauled and revamped and profiled...

blogger overhauled, I'm trying to keep up - I spent most of the weekend (& most of last week) watching c-span over my computer & clipping interesting audio bits - wrapped up in the media coverage of the various scandals & hypersigilic audio sculpture madness

Anyway, this is the first post since I revamped this site to the new blogger features - & the other blogging sites are probably going to be left alone since tweaking html is not what I intended to do this evening... mainly I wanted to see if I got the comments working
and mention that my spidey-sense says may 15th is important, & my bank sent me a reminder that may 23rd is coming..

may 15th is a day of judgement for this admin, & may 23 probably a day of fall-out.

incidentally, the building that's going to be opened on july 4th is 1776 feet tall.

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