Tuesday, 25 May 2004

To boost morale, soldiers celebrate Army's `warm and magical' side

As the party approached, many acknowledged that it was hard to feel good about what was going on in Iraq.

"We do our best because that's what soldiers do, but with this war, with the dead and the prisoner abuse, it's hard not to be sad," said Capt. John Wilson, a military intelligence officer who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1997...

Wilson spoke of the need for soldiers to have "increased cultural awareness in Iraq" for "more thinking and less shooting." He said it upset him that wounded soldiers have to fight the Army for decent benefits when they return with missing limbs. He also said he worried about a lack of equipment, such as protective plates for flak jackets.

Earlier, Wilson confessed he'd looked on the Internet to see what jobs civilian life might hold....
oh shit not that! send in the warm and magical support commander!
They listened as 3rd Corps Support Commander Gen. Vincent E. Boles acknowledged their disappointment over the prisoner-abuse cases.

"I know you feel bad," he said. "I feel good you feel bad."...

"He made it clear that a thinking soldier is preferable to a soldier who never questions," said Maj. David Allen, a 7th CSG staff logistics officer.

Wilson agreed. He said Boles gave him hope "that hating the war and wanting to help Iraqis doesn't put me at odds with the Army."

When Boles finished, the soldiers scooted tables off the parquet floor and peeled off their jackets. They jitterbugged and danced the salsa and cha-cha. They formed a conga line and snaked through the room, under multicolored lights. They laughed and cheered.
this is fucking journalism??(I'm so happy they're happy again)

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