Tuesday, 25 May 2004

Tornado warning for Douglas County expires

first storm party of the season:
As the brunt of the storm moved through Lawrence shortly after 8 p.m., about 760 residents of west-central Lawrence lost power when transmission equipment was struck by lightning. Crews were working to restore power to customers in an area roughly bounded on the west by Iowa Street, on the east by Mississippi Street, and between Sixth and Ninth streets.

Downed power lines were reported in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Street and elsewhere across the city.

Earlier, a tornado was reported on the ground near Forbes Field south of Topeka. No damage was immediately reported, and the storm blew eastward toward Stull and Lecompton.

friend of mine lost power, had to take her some candles. (twas a dark & stormy night & all that rot..)

Stull's a creepy place, btw, even if the church has been torn down (in the middle of the night.. by the locals.. in secret.)

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