Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Google Search: "skinny puppy" pro-test video "relinked to my own mirror"

the internet is soooooooo cool

(right click save as)

pro-test is one of my favorite tracks on tgwotr
as to the video
since i first heard the album figured there was an attempt to bring industrial face to face with hip hop

the album is a natural progression of the sounds both ohgr & ckey were developing, and i'm fairly bemused by the recoiling in horror some sp fans seem to be expressing online - perhaps they weren't following the solo careers of their 'favorite' musicians as closely as their fervor re: the 'new' direction sp has taken

anyway, the video as direct expression of face-off between the communities belies the greater message of unity through activism that is occuring, in part because of hyperituals like this video

(looking for politically active magicians? pay attention to these two)

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