Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Hallucinogenic Treatment of Neuro-Vascular Headaches

via clusterbusters.com
Early research was very successful before it was halted when these substances were pulled from the market and removed from research labs. This treatment offers hope to not only effectively treat ongoing cluster cycles, but to actually break those cycles and to stop future cycles from returning.
The treatment of cluster headaches with hallucinogens has been kept alive by a few doctors, researchers and most importantly, sufferers searching for a better treatment than exists on the market today. Outstanding results have been seen by many cluster headache sufferers and although clusters have been the major focus, early and current "research" shows equally effective results for related vascular headaches.

The purpose of this website and the information it holds, is to further research into the possible elimination of chronic, severe and life altering headache pain, through the use of hallucinogenic substances, which have proven to be more effective and less destructive to the human body, than traditional treatments.

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