Sunday, 14 November 2004

a passage from Masks of the Illuminati by RAW

The fear of thunder as the origin of religion: Vico's theory two hundred years ago. The first men, huddled in caves, trembling before the angry roaroaroar of a force they cannot understand. Fear of the Lord: the hangman God of Rome and this Rev. Verey. And, from childhood, Mrs. Riordan's voice: "The thunder is God's anger at sinners, Jimmy." Signore Popper in Trieste asking why I still tremble at thunder: "How can a man with so much moral courage as you be frightened by a simple natural phenomenon?" Put that in the book. Have Einstein or Hunter, whatever I'll call him, say it to Stephen: natural phenomenon, F.I.A.T. What did I answer Popper? "You were not raised an Irish Catholic." Agenbite of inwit. Thor's hammer: the Norse feared it, also. Roaring growlruinboomdoom. "God's anger at sinners, Jimmy." Merde. Le mot juste de Canbronne. Conbronboomruinboom doom. A nightmare from which humanity must wake. Beginning when the first ape-like Finnegans or Goldbergs hid in awe from He Which Thundereth From On High. "Fear is the father of the gods": Lucretius. Panphage, indeed.
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