Tuesday, 26 July 2005

444 | Craftworking the Clockwork

444 has some intelligent things to say about the war (imho) over at 'slow motion apocalypse'
apparently (rense, hmm...?) US soldiers are being cracked down upon by the Military Police for their use of drugs like hash in order to cope with the stress of things like torturing children (although I bet a select few of those hopped up on coke control freaks get pretty excited about atrocity like this), and leaving a vast environmental hazard behind in their 'freeing' wake.

People are really getting sick of the whole thing, and like Amnesty International in Norway seems to have gotten going: more people need to pull out of the US agenda. Unfortunately, those most invested are the most powerful allies and will be of the last to admit that they've been had by the crafty monkey Bush.

But the answer seems to be easy, at least, if you are a soldier and tired of car bombs, death, bloodshed, and roadside bomb booby traps: smoke HASH, lots and lots of HASH.

Let everyone in your unit know you smoke it all the time. Yeah, you'll get a year in a military jail, but you'll also get discharged from the military IMMEDIATELY.

Imagine that? The US army could be full of deserters & all they gotta' do is spark up a big fat joint instead of sparking up the muzzle fire of their radioactive death spitting guns.

444's also responsible for this (dangerously memetic) interview with Howard Campbell

(everytime I see the name Howard I think of the dolphin in Illuminatus!) because I've been brainwashed

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