Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Poker Without Cards interview

good nuggets from pdf
with jc & bm, commentary by jp

BM: So now I have some more questions for you... will you be able to let go of your resentment of money enough to get wealthy with me? Seriously. Are you tired of being broke, tired enough that you are willing to make some money? I know I am.

JC: Yeah I hit that point a while ago, I'm just waiting for it to catch up with me already. (laughs) Right now I have my head down, just trying to get work done. It's pretty crazy, some days I barely remember what my name is. Thankfully I have people around to remind me. You develop a kind of schizophrenia when you're hopping from mastering an album to giving creative direction on a graphic novel to illustrating storyboards and writing the next chapter of your novel all in the same day. It's not a schizophrenia of identity, you know... but. I don't know, a lot of duct tape is involved. Anyone that thinks it's easy work, or 'slack off' work, should try it for a couple months.

(anyone notice that joinmycult.com is hosted by Ubikorp?)

Our way is not for all men. There are those who are so constricted and sick in themselves that the thought of their own freedom is a horror, and that of others a fierce pain; so that they would enslave all men. And these you should shun, or, if you must, destroy them as you will know how, for this also is bounty.

Nor think the life power should manifest in those who have no trouble or turmoil, for these may be mere dumb cattle, innocents out of season. Rather does the power often show the most where conflict rages, since at any time, and especially in a false civilization, the way must be won through. Surrender is disaster. The other side of the coin is a song in the sunlight and a dance in the moonlight, where all mists are dispersed. But the way must be won.
jack parsons

my hero is henry miller. I'll be leaving the cosmodaemonic conferencing center soon for my generation's paris

Read poker without cards. You'll have to buy it, but think about how spending money is a magickal transfer of energy, and there is an exchange that occurs.. what is it.. "a gift requires a gift" or something, what you give up willingly manifests as an exchange - it'll free you up some, gets energy moving out of the gnarl.

googlemancy for the soul:
Give me some meat man. Do you have any knowleadge to add, ... You will get past
your pain one day ... being so young, you will heal faster than if this...
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What are you interested in? "I like to be able to make money. Enough ...
Anyway there was more in this event, so let me give some short comment on that. ...
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This tells me Canadians would rather not have to do some serious mental ...
Do they come with a wad of money each month, just so you can, you know, ...
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Everything Else
The point being? If you get some chain letter that's threatening to leave ...
Well I'd rather not go into the details, you know well enough where it does. ...
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matthewgood.org :: mblog: 2004-11-28
McCLELLAN: John, go ahead. Helen you've got to let me have a chance to respond.
... And what will they get in return for being so naïve? Go open your door ...
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