Tuesday, 19 July 2005


this is good:

Liber Chromatria
An Exploration of the Eight Selves
by Sor. Ceilede 789

The Self Symposium

1. Banish.
2. Visualize a large table within an impressive meeting room.
3. Evoke each Self with the appropriate Seal, visualizing each Self emerging from the body in coagulated form and sitting at the table. Welcome each Self appropriately.
4. Explain the purpose of the meeting to the Selves.
5. Give each Self a turn in bringing up issues, round table style. Discuss each concern and decide on a course of action for each situation.
6. At the end of the meeting, restate all agreements made, affirming the courses of action agreed upon.
7. Thank each Self for attending and reintegrate.
8. Affirm that the ritual is complete and banish.
9. Write down the meeting minutes in the Color Journal.

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