Tuesday, 19 July 2005

question it all

remember the speed of light is not constant.

people will notice and make fun of stuff they don't understand

magick is an odd study course

but if science meets magick then strange things will get weirder & I for one would rather leave religion out of the intersection.. we worship or fear what we don't comprehend, and to me the ideal is to comprehend it all...

I've been dreaming aloud on this blog for a while, and it seems to attract attention... well today this is what has my attention...

"I happen to like structure and a set God or Gods. Even though the power of magic begins and ends with the magician, I believe that there exists a "shadowy middle ground" where a higher power intervenes. Unless we are the potential Gods ourselves, unable to awaken our potential. Perhaps then we are worshipping a part of ourselves that we will never reach? It has occurred to me that perhaps all of the power, all the magic, and all of the will lies within the magician himself, fast asleep. The person next to you, your friend, neighbor, boss, teacher… they are machines that react to stimulus without thinking, without deliberate and conscious thought." - from darrick..cultofcthulhu.net..eldritch green wisdom

"Oddly enough, a good number of my most intense spiritual experiences have happened at raging parties, or when walking down the street and paying attention to the social climate and crumbling buildings of the city. I don't have my Rumi book in front of me, but a good number of his poems extoll the illuminaing virtues of getting really drunk. I guess that would be one of the tenants of my practice, that even the most profane or mundane of situations can contain the same element of meaning found in meditation or ritual worship or the intentional use of certain mind altering chemicals. In fact, there have been many times when I was a kid at church when I found the whole situation to be absolutely banal, if not most times, and more recently many occasions that ought to be considered potentially spiritual where the mind rebels and just can't believe the absurd zealousy of the whole thing." - from janus... true names... between sacred & profane

"am i beautiful?
do you fear me?
will you let me seduce you?
but i need your permission
you have to let me inside your boundaries
you have to want to be dissected
let me caress the viscera
let me extend myself into you
we can blur the edges together
i can make you more
i can build you into something new
let me under your skin
and i will make you whole" from psymbiote a cyborg performance persona

I think the future of cybernetic modifications will likely be accepted by mainstream culture much more quickly than aesthetic modifications have, simply because they do have practical purposes. People in this culture love their useful tech gadgets. Also, by the time the technologies are stable enough for commercial internalized cybernetics, going under the skin might have a much wider acceptance because of the work in aesthetic modifications that's happening now. The transition from miniature wearables to implantables might be really subtle, too subtle for most people to bother making a distinction." from isa gordon and Jesse Jarrell:The Psymbiote Speaks: On Generating a Cyborg Body

this isn't about metabelief, dipping into a structure long enough to chant out a spell... that's like choosing to be catholic long enough to jump into a confessional. maybe not quite the same, I've never been catholic. I'm saying that just entering the church gives it power over you, and as long as you give something power you'll never be free of it.

so to destroy all religions and governments one must find a source of energy unassociated with all of that.. something like sourcery, something direct

we've begun working our way down to the level of matter where it isn't matter any more, but potential. we need to divorce ourself from the superstitious religious awe and accept the fact that we're moments away from commodifying alchemy

If I had one wish for the magickal community it would be that they'd read more WILLIAM GIBSON & AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE. More STARHAWK & less RAVENWOLF.

you get the idea. don't worship, go out, play in public, and be happy looking weird. it totally fucks with them & is better than church

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