Thursday, 7 July 2005

deconstructing magickal paradigms

words mean things...

for years now I've been absolutely astounded by the depth of idiocy run rampant throughout the occult world, and in particular, the obsessive devotion to judaeo-christian paradigms that is part & parcel of ceremonial magic.

personally, i'm much more likely to ascribe a neurosemantic label to an autonomous servitor than a theologically derived label - gods, demons, or angels, all these manifestations come out of the same paradigm I want to destroy - why would I muck about feeding energy into this superstructure when my intention is to find a way out of it?

taking this stance puts me (as an occultist) into a very shaky situation - nearly every available grimoire comes out of a theological framework, and the majority of them are christian or kabbalistic in origin

the obvious answer seems to be technoshamanism - directly experiencing and interpreting the numinous reality - but pure submersion in the stuff of the universe does not make a mage

my introduction into workable ritual came from the appendicies of Illuminatus! - a primer of evocation, where I realised that if it's possible to call the energies of anything into oneself, then it becomes important to be somewhat coosey

and that's what I'm kinda spiralling about here - I'm choosing to step around any magical system that reeks of religion (that means anything requiring the names of god written in a circle, anything that interprets reality as a series of concentric circles ruled by angelic beings, etc)

this is part of the reason why i've been so enamoured of t. leary's 8 circuits, and why I was trying to provide a basis for self-structured ritual in Altar, Consciousness parts 1-4, and where I'm headed with my future ritual working

there will be more on this from me in some form soon.

(yeah, I hate everything sacred, & everything blasphemous. we'd be better off if there had never been the concept of worship installed in our linguistic structure)


update: Part Two of this meandering rambling

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