Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Deconstructing Magickal Paradigms part 2

nugatory: a few thoughts on the deconstruction of all ritual magick paradigms

a ritual is an initiated set of actions towards acheiving a desired end or something - fairly straightfoward... but a paradigm? We start out as innate creatures of this place, tis space, and within it we find other creatures. Communication with those creatures is possible when there is a common paradigm within which to communicate. Paradigm is then used to refer to some culturally (or subculturally) adapted model.

All the common currency of ritual magick is bound to the strictures of modern reliance on ancient religious and philosophic thought.

I've never been overly fond of 'the common' in any field, and have gone about somewhat gleefully defiant in my approach to the occult in general. As such, other, non-traditional approaches became my preferred avenue of 'Will-working.'

At some point, I completely revised my understanding of reality to incorporate what I had learned, and attempted to apply my knowledge: reality twisted to accomodate.

There are a number of techniques, neurotechnologies, I've adapted or developed based on dialogue and contemplation of written texts, both ancient and contemporary. The relevant ones are as follows:

*astrology - no matter where you are in reality, you can chart it in space-time in relation to the heavens and the objects moving about in them... It's 2005, there's shit in orbit around the earth, we're planning mars and moon missions, and astrology is going to have to keep up, let alone the rest of the occult world, so I've been toying with the idea of being born off-world and how that would affect one's natal chart.

*Absent-minded magick, which is relatively evolved sigil magic, and my basic, ground level approach. I use logograms because my theory is logomatic symbols communicate directly with both lobes of the brain. These symbols come from wherever I can find them, and I've picked the bulk of them up from the web. I use them to construct rituals from the ground up. It's sigil magick at the basic level, but the purpose behind it is aligning the whole brain, the entire consciousness, on a desired outgrowth from the point of ritual.

*Textual magick, a result of a study conducted by Zero (the unsignified), Zolar, & I that we called the 888 project, and which is an attempt to construct an off-world kabbala based on english. (image)

*Juxtapositional Magick, exactly as described by Joel Birocco in Kaos 14. This is a useful mapping device, it helps throw up an intuitive mirror, charts the divergence between possible outcomes, and helps anchor the myriad of selves.

*Creative Play/Road Magick, or allowing & adapting an attitude of Pronoia (*freewillastrology.com says: PRONOIA is brought to you by by the 10,000-year-old lupine seed that Yukon miners found in frozen silt and turned over to scientists who planted it and grew a perfectly healthy bush.)

*Probablity alteration or Parallel universe hopping - I kinda think this might have something to do with what Taylor Ellwood is on about in his Space/Time Magick stuff. In some universe next door anything you can or can't imagine will happen to you. All you have to do is swap consciousness with that you in that universe before the universes bifurcate. Rituals are that tool of stepping around in the myriad of selves.

*Treating entities as they treat you.

That's about the bulk of my tool chest there... There is no place in my magickal studies for religious trappings: I strip out or ignore everything with any reference to diabolic or the divine. This is not to say that I don't agree these entities exist or that these rituals work. I know there's radio stations out there that play country, but I don't bother tuning in.. and I view my decision to ignore or modify anything ritually that smacks of religion is entirely a political & cultural decision, just like my decision to ignore country radio stations. I'm not discounting the effectiveness of traditional systems, just fed up with them.

ps:heya michael, klintron..

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