Wednesday, 13 July 2005

email from Freeman

Re: Freeman Perspective episode 7:

Last Sunday I accidentally created my first comedy:) I attempted to
take phone calls and the misadventures that lead to are hilarious:) I
had a man call from the unannounced special access projects of the
navy to offer to give me some secret knowledge on air, and then I
could ask 3 questions of him;) The phone begin a feedback loop,
sounding like a flying saucer landing and there was, all of a sudden,
another caller on the line. This sort of incident happened with all my
callers, but one. What he had to say was, "your mom" I told him my mom
was 75 and probably not his type and hung up. I took the next call and
he says, "It's still me." (laughter erupts) So, I thought I'd give it
another go!:) It was fun and entertaining. I talked with the ACTV crew
and they tested the phones and concluded, it must be the aliens. So,
if you would like to battle with me against the alien retaliation, you
can call in from midnight to 12:30 sunday. The # is 512-477-2288. I
believe I will open with ID theft and "the chip", but we can talk
about anything you desire. Even my mom:)

Because it is sometimes so unbelievable,
the truth escapes becoming known

(or email freeman at

Freeman Perspective is a half hour show on Austin Tx local access.

Here's two clips from his show: (need QT, might want to Right-click, Save-As)

# General preview (5.4m .Mov)
# Preview from Columbia Episode (8.4m .Mov)

more may arive

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