Wednesday, 17 August 2005

beware the mind-sciences...

a selection from The Occult Background of Psychotherapy by Alan Morrison:

On Jung's eightieth birthday, the C.G. Jung Institute of Zurich presented him with a highly unusual present: an original papyrus manuscript of some of the Gnostic writings found at Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945, including the 'Gospel of Truth', the 'Gospel to the Egyptians' (known as the 'Sacred Book of the Great Invisible Spirit') and the two counterfeit 'Gospels' according to Thomas and Philip. These had been obtained through blackmarket channels and represented the writings of the Gnostic School founded by Valentinus in the second century. This collection of works is now officially known as the 'Jung Codex'. Church Father, Irenaeus of Lyons, towards the close of that same century, wrote a chapter in his great work 'Against Heresies' entitled 'How the Valentinians Pervert the Scripture to Support their own Impious Opinions'. We can just as easily apply this statement to include Jung, the Jungians, and the modern 'Christian' psychotherapists who follow him!

Lest the significance of this birthday gift to Jung -- and the influence of Gnosticism on his work -- be underestimated by some readers, the 'Gospel According to Philip' includes within its pages the claim that the person who achieves 'gnosis' is 'no longer a Christian, but a Christ'. This is a classic statement of the Satanic Initiation -- the true thrust behind Jungian psychology, emphasised by the fact that the man himself has actually been referred to as the 'semi-mystical Messiah'.61 This self-divinisation of Jung is brought out especially clearly in the following account of an occasion in Africa:

'Deliberately walking away from his companions, Jung further isolated himself and savoured what he described as the extraordinary feeling of recreating the world -- for himself. "In an invisible act of creation", he put the "stamp of perfection on the world by giving it objective existence".

yeah. the whole article is worth reading if you want to understand just what's going on in the conservative christian's worldview....

, psychotherapy -- even when it appears to work -- leads its victims into a welter of other ungodly (often occultic) interests, produces a false sense of well-being and generates a denial of the leading and power of the Holy Spirit. The presenting problem actually provided a unique opportunity for major surgery on its root cause. In carcinogenic language, psychotherapy operates on a secondary growth, leaving the root cancer free to run riot in numerous unseen ways. Christian mortification, on the other hand, views mad behaviour as indicative of deep structural sin which will require some spiritual resources if it is to be neutralised.

It is tragic that so many Christians are attracted to the ways of the world and lack the discernment to distinguish between the spiritual way and the psychological way. Through the influence of the mind-sciences -- of which psychotherapy is but one component -- the world is rapidly being conditioned, at the mystical level, to accept the most phenomenal hoax worked by Satan since his effecting of the Fall in Eden. The tragedy is that large numbers of professing Christians are working right alongside him in the field of the mind-sciences

(in carcinogenic language? this whole article is written in carcinogenic language)

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