Wednesday, 17 August 2005

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ultraculture ultraculture ultraculture

If the modern world is crumbling, then magic is what’s growing up between the cracks. In Generation Hex, editor Jason Louv assembles a collection of dispatches from the edge—a generation of young adults who are inventing and imagining radically new directions for spirituality and human evolution.

Through critical essays and practical demonstrations of how a positive interaction with the magical and psychic undercurrents of human life can radically alter one’s existence, the young magicians collected in Generation Hex provide a collective blueprint for escaping the suicidal rut of modern life.
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and for the Muggles:

Scottish Scientists Grow A Brain in Edinburgh!
A team at Edinburgh University managed to turn embryonic stem cells into stable nerve stem cells used in the brain by adding a cocktail of chemicals.

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and she's also posted this pic on her blog:

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