Monday, 22 August 2005

lost comment - Fame: Rock Stars and Gurus

Today I spent most of my time looking up various NIN-related information and working on music in obscurity, and this post caught my eye: generation sit - Fame: Rock Stars & Gurus - and I tried to leave this comment but for some reason was unable:
i wonder if there may be some danger in a collective as well: **"The danger of ego inflation through inappropriate feedback, is lessened by membership in a (fairly) equal organization, with some expectations ON the spiritual teacher being imposed by the organization, and some sense of “equal brotherhood” also being imposed."**

perhaps, but it may also lead to a formation of an elitist group, eventually bound to its own internal tradition - I can see this in the natural progression of any secret society, or magickal order, and especially in the branches of specialized sciences

both rock stars & gurus should consistently believe themselves to be a fad. and if one applies N. Senada's theory of obscurity to gurus, one quickly comes to appreciate taoist hermits.

I wonder though, is ego the issue, or a false ego shell that overlays the true center of the self? in other words, are we actually talking about over-inflated personas gaining controll of the conscious self? the idea of actors worshipping the ones who've made it because they don't dare destroy their own ideal of success is a fascinating characterization, and one that will linger in my mind until I've dealt with it sufficiently

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