Sunday, 21 August 2005

Strange Eggs

subversion in it's natural state:

on June 13, 2000 the CLN (Christian Learning Network) asked King-Mob productions to produce twelve episodes of Strange Eggs for syndication.

The stories were to concentrate on children learning about community, solving problems, and above all, helping the less fortunate. These less than fortunate problems were to hatch from eggs.

As a promotional teaser, CLN asked comic book creators Steve Ahlquist (Oz Squad), Chris Reilly (Punch and Judy), and Ben Towle (Farewell, Georgia) to edit a promotional magazine for strange eggs. So, in the tradition of Nickelodeon magazine, they hired a bunch of indy comic creators to create the short stories that would comprise CLN’s "SEAM" (Strange Eggs Adventures Magazine.)

The resulting stories were deemed too disturbingly inappropriate for children that the CLN halted the magazine’s production.

Ahlquist, Reilly, and Towle had already leaked a half dozen Strange Eggs stories to the internet which were viewed by several thousand people before the CLN’s legal department was able to shut the site down. Unfortunately, the damage had been done. The public now associated Strange Eggs with dead gangsters, insane puppets, glow in the dark farts and exploding monkeys.

In August of 2000 King-Mob was told to cease production of Strange Eggs, and the entire project was shelved.

I just finished reading this last night. I'd fucking recommend it for christian kids, I don't know what the fuck the problem might have been.. (maybe it was the dinosaurs eating the fucking creationists) Anyway, they're the ones who asked a company named "King Mob Productions" to make a cartoon.

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