Thursday, 8 September 2005

Redemption from Wilderness: The end of the Beat Generation

it is good to see lefty writing online - this is her first entry in what I hope to be a long line of blog entries - that she is in this world and able to comment on it is a blessing
As a child I lived in the birthplace of Jack Kerouac, Lowell, Massachusettes. Twenty years later I lived in the death place of William S. Burroughs, Lawrence, Kansas. And it was there I lived the day I heard that Hunter S. Thompson had killed himself.... Now I live next to CBGB and its a landmark that's going to dissapear, too. I keep hoping to see protestors, but there is only a window scene in the bar with a protest sign and there are patrons wearing "Save CBGB," shirts.

One night I heard a man over a microphone and excitedly rushed to the window hoping to see protest. Instead it was an NYC tour bus and the guide was speaking to his captive audience on wheels and holding a "Save CBGB," T-shirt and they drove away.
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(a bit of trivia: there's a picture of lefty holding my cat gargy in Tarot:Witch of the Black Rose #7)

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