Thursday, 8 September 2005

who the fuck is glukoza?

Glukoza, translated "sugar”. Glukoza is Natasha Ionova, a 19 year old Russian girl. She is blonde, she is sexy and she´s got an amazing voice.
In short: She is a damn hot popstar. All the Russians (and the Ukrainians too) love her, she sells millions of records there and won the 2003 MTV Music Award for Best Russian Act. Her Label is a part of a company that also produces 3D animated films. The animation team created all the videoclips for Glukoza and as you can see – they´re really good. She currently presents her new album “Moscow”, which features the track “Shvayne” which is a German word (Schweine) and means “pigs”. See the "Shvayne"-videoclip on this page
i'm digging the video.. but it's odd to see some one marketed as "she sells records" - that's not marketing, that's the point of marketing

(found on mefi) lyrics in english

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