Thursday, 3 November 2005

Common Sense Tax Reform by Duard Lawley

Get rid of the graduated income tax!

Adopt a tax on spending!

No deductions, no exemptions!

No returns to file!

Protect personal privacy!

The UTT tax would apply to all transactions and would be taxable to the “buyer” in each transaction, the “buyer” being the party who pays the money. The Federal and state governments would not be taxable. There would be two types of bank accounts, commercial and personal. Personal accounts would not be affected by the tax. A much fairer, simpler and more foolproof system than we have today.

No withholding tax from paychecks, no 1099s to trap taxpayers, no estate tax debacles. Thousands of trees would not have to be cut to provide paper to print millions of tax forms and instructions booklets that taxpayers don’t understand!

It is estimated that it costs the American taxpayers almost 350 BILLION dollars a year just to keep records and file graduated income tax returns! It is also estimated that we lose at least 350 BILLION dollars a year through tax cheating, non-filing tax protesters, and fraudulent tax schemes. Let’s save this three-quarters of a TRILLION dollars and do it the easy way!

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