Thursday, 3 November 2005

The Income Tax Gulag

Imagine sitting as a defendant in a criminal "trial", facing a virtual sentence of imprisonment until death, and the final words spoken by the U.S. Attorney to the jurors are, “You are breaking the law if you find the defendants not guilty.”

Imagine as a 77-year old, non-violent citizen, in frail health being incarcerated and denied any bail or medical treatment and being bound in chain shackles – all for being a “tax protester”...

Although we encourage every reader of this article to read all of his court filings, Schiff’s 13-page (July 2005) pre-trial
Motion to Dismiss
concisely explains and exposes the core of the judicial tyranny leading to Schiff’s convictions.

In its legal responses, the Department of Justice failed to refute or rebut the substance of any of Schiff’s citations of law or Supreme Court decisions, and instead merely parroted Schiff’s legal conclusions, characterizing them as “frivolous.”

Just hours before the trial started, the Court, in the persona of Judge Kent Dawson, denied the motions without substantive explanation or discussion, effectively robbing Schiff of the opportunity to timely appeal Dawson’s rulings on the critical Due Process issue of jurisdiction....

These brave Americans peacefully and respectfully challenged the government’s taxing authority, putting forth irrefutable legal positions and evidence that remain un-rebutted to this day– despite a lengthy criminal trial and a jury’s vote to convict and sentence them.

Irwin Schiff and Cindy Neun, remain behind bars, denied both bail and humane treatment – even while they seek the protection of the appellate court to correct this grievous, unjust wrong.

I'd like to pimp Common Sense Tax Reform by Duard Lawley at this point - but I fear the thing that ate the constitution is entirely in control and it's too damn late to bother

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