Thursday, 3 November 2005

The Katib al Mattaliku

There once was an ageless reality of great power and wonder. The things that inhabited this reality, for they could hardly be called "people", could will into creation anything they wished, and became whatever suited their purposes at any given time, although both desire and purpose were alien concepts to this bygone age. Theirs was an absolutely free existence of chaos without consequence, and it was that complete lack of consequences that made all the difference. Consequence, you see, upon even a cursory examination of the word, revels itself to be, in essence, cause and effect. So, these beings existed in a manner unlike anything that we can imagine today, for pure chaos free of causality is just a mad and disturbing dream in this age, a dream that is set perhaps in this place of which I now speak.

Eventually, one of these god-like beings, not out of any sort of need, but perhaps as a novel distraction, invented the first symbol. This was not just a mere advance in technology, but the first step towards a significant metaphysical development, one that, although unforeseen, would change the very nature of their reality forever.

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