Tuesday, 1 November 2005

What is a Mind Machine?

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The term coined "Mind Machine", has become a generic term that encompasses the full spectrum of mind tools that have surfaced into mainstream America. There are actually many types of Mind Machines:

These are all better termed mind tools.

bedtime stories with the antichrist

and from TOPY.NET:
B R A I N W A V E : Thee Frequency ov Truth/

The question of how we can turn on right-brain talents is kind of a big one I don't have time to survey thoroughly here – or even in this lifetime. But now we've had a look at the kind of things that are at stake here, let's have a look at what freequencies can do and how we can use them. In keeping with where we started off, here's a user's guide to your brain's frequencies. Bear in mind when you're reading it that it doesn't just deal with right brain skills, but with the effect on the brain's synergetic left/right brain operation that happens when the brain runs at different speeds.

Brainwave Cycles per second Brain state

Beta 13-25 Conscious mind; logical thought, analysis and action. Basic orientation of our society.

Alpha 8-12 Relaxation and meditation, daydreaming, imagination. Relaxed alertness for inspiration, fast assimilation of facts, heightened memory. Access to subconscious, and thereby to your self-image.

Theta 4-7 Deep meditation and reverie. The twilight zone of creativity, suggestibility, inspiration; dominant from ages two to five. Drowsiness. Source of countless artistic and scientific inventions. Highly active when left/right brains, and subconscious and conscious, are working in symbiosis. The left brain ceases to censor consciousness, and intuition and emotion become more active.

Delta 0.5-3 Deep dreamless sleep

. It's fair to say that when you start moving your consciousness out of the beta state in alpha and theta states, you start getting right-brain skills and messages seeping through.

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