Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Google Sidewiki entry by Wes

a few years ago I noticed there was a film coming out called ‘The Undeniable Charm of Sloppy Unruh’ – this was right around the time I started wondering how difficult it would be to actually take over a search term – and since my name is also Unruh, and my blogging style is somewhat sloppy (I prefer fast and heavy content over style and form) I figured the term ‘Sloppy Unruh’ would be a good test of my SEO ability. Amusingly enough, after I registered the domain name ‘SloppyUnruh.Com’ the film got pushed back from 2008 to a 2010 release date. So now I’ve been the top result for a while for the term ‘Sloppy Unruh’ and all the assorted movie-related sites are lined up underneath.

in reference to: Sloppy Unruh / (view on Google Sidewiki)

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